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Edge of the Grave

The Cyst was supposed to be a beacon of hope. That’s what every pioneer promised, as they fled the Old World, with its global invasions and world-shaking projects. The Cyst would be different. No more wars. No more destroyers of worlds. A world created by human engineers to be a pocket of utopia in the madness of yet another catastrophe. The settlers bought the lie. They walked into a world so steeped in the supernatural that one could choke. Before long, visiting scientists realized this world was far from manmade. Before long, explorers went searching for the world’s history. Before long, the nightmare began…

The Hatmaker and the Spider

For the promise of a good life, what deal would you make? What would you sacrifice? How hard would you strive to avoid paying the price of such a deal? Who would you put in harm’s way to save yourself from the collectors? A man can only run so far before the past catches up to him. Would you rather confront it sooner or later? Join me for a fairytale about a man who did just this…

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